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26th-Sep-2008 05:31 pm - 30 somethings?
Kirkland 1
Anyone on this over 30?
I feel most of these sites only have people 29 and younger...I've been feeling lonely out here!

I have decided that since the majority of people on these sites are under 29 years old,
I might create a site for those of us 30 years old & older!
No offense to you young ones out there, but sometimes we need our own peers to talk to.

Anyone interested?!?!?!

7th-Nov-2006 05:08 pm - New to Group
They say you can't ever go back. You can't rewind time.

I don't buy it.

I was anorexic when my first daughter was two. I'm 4'11 and I was 214 pounds. I wore a size 23. Two years later, I was a size 3 and 106 pounds.

I'm around 140 now. Yes, I've had two babies since. I also had my tubes tied. I'm ready to go back.

I don't care what a lot of people saying that it's not a choice. No, the mindset is not a choice, but it has been driving me crazy lately.

I have made the choice to listen...to go back.

I'm 29, a mother of three, and your average American.

I will weigh myself for an accurate count in the morning, because my obsessive side had me weighing myself every morning for years.

Feel free to add me, and thanks for reading.
15th-May-2006 11:56 pm - alloa.
i'm 24, was anorexic. now that my body is "recovered", i'm at my minimum normal weight. i gained it all on my bottom half. my top half is still bony.
i heard that it is normal to gain weight on the belly, hips & thighs 1st & then it redistributes. is that true? if that's true, if i lose weight again, will it even out?

i wish i could recover & be normal but i'm way too dysmorphic & insane & i hate doctors with their psychobabble. i'm envious of the women i see with their bones protruding & i frequently google "anorexia" to look at all the pictures..

& i'm totally annoyed at those other eating disorder communities that have long forms to fill out and demand proof of promotion.

i'm not your typical go-getter anorexic with 2 jobs and 2 majors with straight As. i'm an artist/performer with a fascination with sciences like physics & biochemistry. i'm frequently incapacitated because of my asthma. & i love yoga.
i'm thinner than most people i see walking around but i think most people are fat. it seems the number of overweight people has doubled over 1 year.
or maybe it's just me. kind of scary tho. consumer culture frightens me.

stats; 5'2, 100 lbs,. ...my lowest was 90 (some ppl want to know)

16th-Apr-2006 05:24 pm(no subject)
:-) 1 pound every 2 days for the 20 days. That is my short term goal.
22nd-Mar-2006 11:06 am(no subject)
mmmmmmm I lost 8 pounds last week. I wish that would make me happy. I feel anymore like a day is an eternity. Waiting for the next morning when the scale might be good to me and show me a pound lighter. I think I have been losing easily lately and I wish I hope it keeps up. I haven't been eating much. When I eat it is a small itty bitty portion. I don't eat anything that is processed, I have to make it myself. When I eat I try and get itty bitty portions of each thin like protein, carbs, dairy, fruit or veggies, in all at once in the same "meal". I excercise for about an hour a day between my treadmill and a few other pieces of equipment. I take a multivitamin. I keep my calorie count pretty low. Around 600 calories for about five days, then I spend the next three days with the cal count up to an ungodly 1500. It seems to keep my metabolism from shutting down, and my hair from falling out and I haven't been fatigued like is so common when I just don't eat much for months on end. We will see if it can stay this way.
7th-Mar-2006 06:18 pm(no subject)
Well, so far so good. I ate today, I fast tommorow. It is supposed to snow tonight. It will help me. When the weather is crappy i don't like to eat anyway. Crappy weather my companion? Nah surely not. Tommorow is a good day to be free.
2nd-Mar-2006 04:41 pm(no subject)
Oh I am better now. Not sick with Ana, just a bout of an illness that wouldn't go away called pity. I love myself enough to starve myself. I wish I could cut it all away. I just ate with my kids. Now I want to go in the bathroom and chuck. But I won't. I love my kids too much. They might hear me and I intend to never let them know what lies beneath my skin. FAT. Tommorow I fast on my own concoction of lemon juice and maple syrup and water for at least four days. LOL. I will float on air by Saturday and feel a hundred pounds lighter by Monday. I can't wait.

22nd-Dec-2005 07:37 pm(no subject)

I am 27. I had a ana/mia combo when I was younger and am now at a high weight due to meds so I am slipping back into my old ways.
CW: 160's *pukes*
shortterm goal: 150
longterm goal: 140
GW: 120 (sz 3/4 for me) then we will see how low
7th-Dec-2005 01:26 pm(no subject)
Sorry I haven't been around. Been real sick and in the hospital and stuff. Not anna related
i am happy to say. Hope you all have a good day.
28th-Nov-2005 08:33 pm - New here
Hi you guys. I'm new to this site. I think it is refreshing to be able to talk to others that are going through the same things that I am. I have been off and on ana/mia since I was 18 and I am now 29. I have lost control over the last year and I have skyrocketed to my all time high of 140 and I am in complete disgust with myself. I have always been in complete control and I found pleasure in that. I have been in a steady relationship for the past three years, and he has continued to tell me that he doesn't want me to loose weight....that he likes me bigger. At first, I didn't listen and I continued with my habits. Now, I feel like I have given in. I hate my body. I don't want to look at myself, even though everyone says that I am beautiful. I need to get back on track. I have a goal to be back down to 120 by the first of the new year. I can do that easily. Respond back if you would like to chat. I am in need of others like me for support.

Talk to you soon!

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