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15th-May-2006 11:56 pm
i'm 24, was anorexic. now that my body is "recovered", i'm at my minimum normal weight. i gained it all on my bottom half. my top half is still bony.
i heard that it is normal to gain weight on the belly, hips & thighs 1st & then it redistributes. is that true? if that's true, if i lose weight again, will it even out?

i wish i could recover & be normal but i'm way too dysmorphic & insane & i hate doctors with their psychobabble. i'm envious of the women i see with their bones protruding & i frequently google "anorexia" to look at all the pictures..

& i'm totally annoyed at those other eating disorder communities that have long forms to fill out and demand proof of promotion.

i'm not your typical go-getter anorexic with 2 jobs and 2 majors with straight As. i'm an artist/performer with a fascination with sciences like physics & biochemistry. i'm frequently incapacitated because of my asthma. & i love yoga.
i'm thinner than most people i see walking around but i think most people are fat. it seems the number of overweight people has doubled over 1 year.
or maybe it's just me. kind of scary tho. consumer culture frightens me.

stats; 5'2, 100 lbs,. ...my lowest was 90 (some ppl want to know)

16th-May-2006 03:20 pm (UTC) - hmmm...
I am not sure about the redistribute thing. When I was at my lowest I still saw myself as fat, even though my uncle started crying and said I looked like a skeleton. Go figure. So when I started gaining it was horrible, I was just getting fatter, not healthy. I gained it all back in my butt and I am sorry to report that the only place it redistributed to was my belly. You can still see my collar bones sticking out and all. My legs are still slim. I don't know how it is for anyone else, but that was my experience. Sorry.
18th-Sep-2006 03:44 am (UTC) - No bulimia, I hope
I dig women who refuse to eat, not those who eat everything, then puke, then feel too sick to clean up the mess they just made! I promise I will never compel anyone to eat, and will even take care to eat and cook discreetly, wash the dishes thoroughly, and put away my food behind locked doors, if that is what my lady wants. And I don't buy all that Islamic dress code bullshit. Anorexic women, you can show me your bones all you want to, and I'll enjoy the view!
24th-Oct-2006 12:27 am (UTC) - hey.
hi. i liked your post. i don't know about the weight distributing happening on the bod, but i do know that i was doing good for a year and a half, then i didn't deal with my stress very well, and yeah...i gained some unwanted weight back. especially around my fat fucking waist! from my boobs to the middle of my thighs are soo fat and disgusting. i hate it!!! i'm wanting to be me again..back to weighing between 89 to 93. i did it once before, was able to maintain it for a year, and now... i am no longer in two digit numbers. but now i am fat. prolly not fat to normal people but i weighed in this morning at 108!! way too fucking much. i am 5'8 by the way. i loved being super thin. loved the obsession. i loved being able to accept myself on a 'thin' level. :)
i am interested to see if you want to buddy up on losing some of our unwanted pounds?? what do you want to get down to? i have a bet with myself to see if i can do it: i have to be a part of my dads' second marriage and that is in 3 weeks from today, i need to lose up to 5-8 pounds. so between one or two apples a day, and a few grapes here and there, plus 60 oz of h2o every day i should be able to lose some weight right?? do you think it's possible? i always tell myself that i need to go for a walk, then i become lazy and don't do it. i know that walking is a good way to 'walk off weight'. but where's the motivation? help?? you can email me if you want: ashleeanderson@hotmail.com
hope to hear from you, or someone!!!?!?!
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